Confessions of a Latter-Day Cynic

confessions of a latter day cynic poetry book cover smA Poet’s Confession

Filled with yearning, righteous angst and an off-hand nostalgia, Confessions of a Latter-Day Cynic marks the work of a poet in the throws of a mid-youth crisis.

Romantic delusions, career woes and grandiose ideals are all exposed here in these pages. Paul J. Bean deftly juggles these varying concepts while maintaining a wily, and, at times, wistful perspective.

With influences as far ranging as Keats, Coleridge, Plath and Eliot, the Confessions are comprised mainly of poems from the authors’ formative years. An enjoyable read lies ahead on this journey of the mind and heart in these challenging and strangely comforting stanzas.

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