Via Marisol Excerpts

Stirring the embers

I’d almost forgotten your smolder
A slow burn, flickers of mischief and grace
Dance lightly across your pretty face

Popping embers fill the smoky air
Snowlike, it floats wildly before it falls
Covering man, woman, beast—sinners all

Glowing notes signal the heat below
No need to search for flames—they never died
Just buried beneath years of soot and lies

The fire was lit amid pockets of stolen time
And e’en far off fields can’t dull the embers glow
Do you wonder which one of us misses the other so?

Time fumes forth a gauzy smoke surrounding us
When you’re ready again to fan the lingering flame
Do you wonder—will we ever be the same?



Roackaby baby don’t you dare lie
Mama’s off the ropes, gonna cut you right
Mama’s raging, don’t you run from the fight
Your head's in my hands, wish you could die?

Cariño don’t move, you coward piece of shit
Your puta left, she didn't catch your drift
My rage is fire, ashes your gift
Watch me cheat on you, our cradle can split.